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The service consisting in the analysis of user behaviours on websites is for everyone who wants to know what should be improved in terms of layout, information architecture or other elements in order to achieve conversion.

Conversion will occur when the user executes the desired activity on a website, e.g. fills in a form or buys a product. Analyzeo will tell you in a friendly way what to change in order to enable your client to find information more easily or make purchase decisions.

In the case of a subscription for using Analyzeo (only for firms) you may pay solely with a credit card. For pre-paid packages (for firms and natural persons) you may pay with a credit card, debit card, wire transfer or PayPal. Online payments are executed through the company PayLane sp. z o.o. and they are fully secure and compliant with binding standards.

  • 1. Register at the website.
  • 2. Select the settlement method which is best suited to your needs (pre-paid or subscription).
  • 3. Make a payment using the selected payment method.
  • 4 .Go to the “packages” subpage and click on “details”.
  • 5. Type in the address of the domain you wish to analyse in the window.
  • 6.Then copy the script which will be displayed on the right and which is assigned to one particular domain.
  • 7. Paste the copied code at the end of thesection on the main page and subpages which you wish to analyse.
  • 8. If the subscription you purchased enables to you to analyse several domains, remember that each of them has its own script assigned!
  • 9. Remember that in order for your data to be properly collected you need to copy and then paste the script into the source code of your website. Each script is assigned to a particular domain. An example of pasting the script onto a website:

// jQuery
$(function() {
               window.clientId = 'ap';
               var an = document.createElement('script'); an.type = 'text/javascript'; an.async = true;
               an.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + '';
               var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(an, s);

A tracker is a javascript code which enables registering user actions. You will use tracker to generate events table.

By using trackers Analyzeo enables recording non-standard behaviours, such as:

- the number of views of a particular slide in a presentation;

- the number of clicks on a particular element on the webpage;

- the number of users who have, e.g. watched at least 20 seconds of a clip published on your website.

Trackers are perfect for analysing various FLASH widgets and applications and to monitor remarketing campaigns.

You have to connect trackers to a website!

In order to properly connect trackers, you need to place the following code in any place on the website or within a different JavaScript

analyzeo.event('Event_category', 'Event_name', 'Event_params');

Each tracker monitoring a particular behaviour has several parameters:


Event_category—(required field) name of the event category, e.g.: 'click on navigation tabs', 'click on the registration form'

Event_name—(required field) name of the event, e.g.: 'button 1', 'about us tab', 'more button' 

Event_params—(optional field) event parameters in JSON format: Particularly useful to monitor remarketing campaigns.


All of those options are visible in the panel.


Examples of trackers:

analyzeo.event('Main page', 'More button');
analyzeo.event('Main page', 'Next button');
analyzeo.event('Main page', 'Go to form button');
analyzeo.event('Movie', 'second 10');
analyzeo.event('Movie', 'second 20');
analyzeo.event('Film', 'second 30');
analyzeo.event('Confirmation', 'form 1', '{code:Ysabgd73}');


Example using JQuery:

		analyzeo.event('Main page', 'Button 1');

Z-index is a parameter for overlaying various html elements. If on a website there is one element above the other (e.g. a pop-up), then it has a higher z-index (it is on a layer closer to the foreground). In order to execute a detailed analysis of a website Analyzeo's panel enables you to adjust the results considering the z-index parameter. Due to that all clicks on pop-ups are not considered during the analysis of the website which is presented below.

Adding a domain to a subscription is very simple. First, make a payment using the selected payment method. Then, go to the “packages” subpage and click the “details” button. Type in the address of the domain you wish to analyse in the window and save.

You do not need specialised programming knowledge. If you have previously used Google Analytics and you managed to successfully install it, then you will certainly handle Analyzeo. All you need to do is to download a script generated for you in your user panel after we verify your payment (“My subscriptions” subpage) and place it at the end of the <body> section on the main page and subpages which you wish to analyse.

The results of the analysis of data collected by Analyzeo are visualised through a heatmapa map of active elements, an events tablea clickmap and a scrollmap. Based on filters you defined the results of the analysis are presented in the form of a colour map after clicking on the “generate” button. The more intense the colour, the more clicks are made in that area of your website or it is viewed more frequently by users.

It is very simple. After generating a visualisation of results using one of five available functionalities you may see a colour map. The warmer the colour, the more clicks are made in the particular area of your website or it is more frequently viewed by users.

Yes, you can. We do not impose any restrictions on the number of subscriptions you may use. Additionally, it is you who decides to which subscription you wish to assign a particular domain.

You need to paste the script onto the main page and all subpages you wish to analyse.

A settlement period means 30 days counted from the moment we verify your payment and activate the script which is used to collect data for the analysis.

Do not worry, you can always buy a number of sessions (by selecting “packages” in your user menu and clicking on the “top up” button) whenever needed and make a single top up for your subscription. If the situation repeats during the subsequent month, maybe you should consider increasing your subscription?

If you are a consumer pursuant to Consumer Law, the unused sessions are not forfeited and you can use them within 12 months from the purchase of the service. If you are using Analyzeo as a firm, then you need to assess which subscription is right for you, because unused sessions cannot be used during the next settlement period. However, you may always start with the pre-paid option to learn more about your actual needs.

No. If you purchase sessions within your current subscription then at the moment a new settlement period starts the number of sessions assigned to your account will be the same as the one you selected while purchasing the subscription. A top up increases the number of sessions which are assigned to you only until the end of the settlement period.

As many times as you need. Imagine a situation in which you bought the L subscription, sessions assigned to it run out after 5 days and you want to continue analysing behaviours of your users. So you decide to purchase additional sessions. You run out of sessions after another 6 days. So you buy another package of sessions which lasts throughout the remaining part of the settlement period. Finally, you decide that the website on which you have installed the Analyzeo script attracts a large number of users, whose behaviour you want to analyse and the previous subscription is insufficient for that purpose. Therefore you notify us at by the last day of the settlement period that you wish to increase your subscription and you can enjoy a better offer which is suited to your needs from the first day of the next settlement period.

Of course you can, but you need to check which option is better for you. If you are buying a session within your subscription, then you can be sure to receive a better offer.

Yes of course! We are flexible in that respect. In order for your request to be properly processed you need to contact us at and tell us which subscription you would like to choose. You need to notify us on the last day of the settlement period at the latest and then you will start using the solution you selected from the first day of the new settlement period.

If you have knowledge about how many users visit your website during a month (e.g. by using Google Analytics), then you can easily tell which subscription is the right for you. The number of sessions assigned for each package is, in other words, the number of page views. If you decide to choose the pre-paid option and you run out of the assigned number of sessions, you can always buy another pre-paid or choose a subscription. Subscriptions are for firms only.

Mainly it is the price—in the case of a subscription you get much more for much less. Additionally, in the case of a subscription you do not have to remember to pay every time for the service in order to activate it, because the money is automatically collected from you upon your consent on the first day of the subsequent settlement period. In the case of the pre-paid option you pay only once. If, for instance, after 9 days you see that the assigned number of sessions was depleted, you will need to remember to buy new sessions. Otherwise the data will stop being collected and you may not learn as much about your users as you expected. Important: subscriptions are for firms only.

Yes. In order for it to happen, you need to decide about a transfer from a subscription to a pre-paid or vice versa within 30 days from the end of the collection of data (from the moment the sessions package was depleted).

In order to go to the statistics panel, you need to log in to your user panel and then click on the orange button “Start the analysis”.

After entering the analysis panel you need to select the domain and subpage to which the events are connected. Then, in the “Data type” section you need to select “Events table” and click on “Generate”.

Of course! It is understandable that you want to see what Analyzeo is before you decide whether you want to use it. We have prepared a free subscription for you for 14 days, which allows you to collect data from 200 sessions of users of your website.

Within the free subscription Analyzeo will be collecting data connected with your users during 200 sessions. After the number of available sessions is depleted, the free subscription will be deactivated. You may assign the free subscription to one domain within your account only once.

The e-mail with a registration confirmation link is sent automatically immediately after registration. If you do not receive the e-mail within several minutes, check if it was assigned to the “SPAM” folder used for advertising content. In order to avoid similar situations in the future, you should mark our message as not SPAM and add our address to the white list. If, despite checking all folders, you cannot find the e-mail, notify us about it by writing to:


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